Check-Up Examinations

Check-up examination

Medtourism Group affiliated centers in Athens and Santorini performs your annual medical check-up examination; with the purpose to detect diseases in the early stages of development and to reveal hidden forms of diseases. Early detection of a disease increases the probability of a successful treatment. People who undergo yearly medical exams however are more likely to be diagnosed with medical problems.
An experienced team of doctors along with the paramedical personnel completes a series of examinations, checking all of the major organ systems of the patient. The medical check-up examinations takes less than 2 hours and is performed in a calm and quiet environment with the assistance of our friendly personnel.

The check-up includes:

  • Detailed medical questionnaire for the patient’s prior medical history
  • Comprehensive medical examination
  • Clinical Laboratory Assays – Urine analysis and blood analysis
  • Arterial blood pressure
  • Stress ECG – Ergometry
  • Pulmonary function test – Spirometry
  • Hearing tests – Audiometry
  • Eye tests (acuity of vision, colored vision, intra ocular pressure)
  • Chest X-ray

Additional tests for women:

  • Mammography
  • Gynecological consultation, cervical smear
  • Bone Densitometry (DEXA)

Voluntary tests, added by request:

  • Screening tests of oncologic markers (five markers)
  • Cardiac tests, including cardiac TRIPLEX
  • Test which detects allergens, latent alimentary allergy, contact allergy and other types of allergies are available.
  • Endocrine system examination: presence of occult diabetes, obesity, metabolic dysfunctions.

In case any type of pathology is detected in the comprehensive medical examination, there is a specialist available for all of your medical needs; at the same day, without delay.